Car Parking & Road Safety

We ask that all car drivers be respectful of local residents, other road users, pedestrians and other children and ensure that they park considerately and drive carefully outside our school.

At St. Giles Junior School our aim is to prevent injury to the children at the start and end of their school day caused by the inconsiderate and potentially dangerous driving habits of a minority of car drivers.

Even though dropping off and picking up outside the school gates has improved, a small number of drivers continue to stop and park on the zigzag lines and in a dangerous manner outside our school gates.  This is very dangerous and is likely to lead to a pupil being injured.

At St. Giles we work closely with the local PCSO who actively patrol the area and drivers who stop in prohibited areas may be prosecuted.

When events take place at school (if it is safe to do so) we will open the school gates to allow vehicles to be parked on the school playground, but again, we ask all car drivers to drive and park carefully on the school grounds.